RECONDITIONING you Desk Top Computer


At GoGoFast we specialize in computer reconditioning.
You don’t need a new computer, you just need your computer to:
GoGoFast !
From $400 bare-bones, plus my setup cost $150.00

All up About $ 550.00 like new


Why recondition your old computer

It is all about value for money. A desktop computer will last you for about 5 to 10 year and can keep upgrading parts, keep you up to date with changing technology
It’s all about SIZE! Bigger is better! Keyboard Bigger, Screen Bigger, “Bigger is Always, Better”

How it works

Step 1

     I will come to your home at cost to $40 to assess your computer needs.We site down and look at what you need, in you prices range. Or see if GoGoFast can help you with some way to increase you Computer speed

Step 2

     On completion of assessment collect your old desktop computer. And Back up all your information, I will also need to purchase all the computer part online as needed the $400 plus additional parts cost if any to.

Step 3

    Order parts online, the prat will arrive in about 2 to 3 day.

Step 4

    When the part arrive, I install them into you case, install windows, transfer all you data picture, documents, setup of your Email, and install all main programs.

Step 5

6 to 8 Days I will return with your reconditioned Computer. on completion last payment of $150.00 setup cost.
Then I will sit down with you and setup any think you need and help you with you computer

Additional Parts List if required or at request.

New DVD Rom at $40.00.

New Hard drive at $100.00

Graphics card at $100.00 to $200.00

Bigger power supply at $100.00

New Case at $100.00

New 24″ LED monitor 250.00

New keyboard and mouse $50.00

Genuine copy of Windows 10 Pro at $260.00

Genuine copy of Windows 10 Home at $170.00


Computer reconditioning is here

GoGoFast is the way to get more life out of that old computer.

We will use your old Case or Box and put inside a NEW Motherboard, CPU, and Ram.

Your old computer box MUST have a “back plate” which is where all the computer cables plug in. It’s about 16cm x 4.5cm